Is One Coin A Scam Or Great Opportunity?

So you want to know if you should invest in One Coin? Is One Coin a scam or a fantastic opportunity to get rich? My review of this program is very personal, since I have been investigation this company for the last 2 years due to one of my good friends getting sucked into their emtpy promises of a new worldwide monetary unit and losing a rather large sum of money.

Verdict : Scam and Not Paying

Rating: 44/100

Summary: One Coin is a multilevel marketing company, which officially is offering training in cryptocurrency. In reality, they are selling their own internal cryptocurrency, which they claim will be the future monetary unit. Their cryptocurrency, which value the company does not guarantee has a different value on the internal and external market. So far there are no venues where the cryptocurrency can be used, not even internally.

The company has closed branches in several countries, including US and several European countries, including Finland and Germany have opened official investigations towards them. Additionally One Coin has been forced to chance banks due to their financial institution closing their accounts based on suspect of fraud.

They continue paying their affiliates, so people keep on signing new members in. However this is the only way anyone is getting money out of this company, as people are unable to sell their coins on the internal market and the external market is pretty dead too.

One CoinThe Company: What makes this scam different from many others is that there is actually a legal company behind the scam. Onecoin Ltd is registered in Gibraltar, a known European offshore  heaven for financial scams.

Until recently, the company had no real office and very few employees, as most of the work was conducted by contractors! They did however recently moved into an impressive building in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, but their head office still remains in Dubai.

The company is led by Bulgarian Ruja Ignatova, who herself has a really shady background. Toted as a business woman of the year by the Bulgarian version of Forbes, her background is shady and there nobody has been able to verify her financial business experience and supposed law education. All the information released about her is very polished and her official Facebook page almost solely consist pictures of her in various events. Her LinkedIn profile does contain surprisingly little information and connections for such an accomplished person!

Score 7/10

cyber-biglockThe Website: and the new are both registered by and hosted by Cloudfare Inc in California. Their web farms are located in Bulgaria and Hong Kong. Everything in their whois record is available, except registrant, which in itself is rather strange.

Safe browsing also assures that the websites are safe for use and has reports of malware of phishing, neither is it recorded as a spammer, so we can assume that their websites are using the latest and secure setup. and the new both have a standard SSL certificate, issued by COMODO. Their registration runs out end of June 2017. Everything checks out from the safety and security point of view.

Score 9/10

One Coin RanksThe Program: As mentioned in my summary, One Coin officially sells training in cryptocurrency. The fact both the invoice and the disclaimer on the site states the person purchased a certain training package and cryptocurrency is only provided for educational purpose. serves two purposes:

  1. This circumvents the rules and regulations about not registering as a bank or financial institution. Although cryptocurrency, which is recognized by the law as a currency, is not covered by these laws, several countries are attempting to force cryptocurrency companies to get a financial license.
  2. This circumvents the changes to the new MLM laws, which regulate that the MLM company has to actually sell a product and cryptocurrency has been excluded from this list.

Their cryptocurrency is both closed source and centralized, which defies the whole purpose of having a cryptocurrency in the first place, as their main attractions and trust based on its open source code and decentralized structure. Officially the source code is closed because the company has fixed the Bitcoin flaws and of course claims to be better digital currency.

Additionally they state that it is important initially to control the value of the currency, before it has reached a certain market cap and has a stable supply and demand. Of course many other alternative crypto currencies have made it without this initial control.

The prices are ranging from 110€ to 100 000€ for an elite package, which all include the different levels of cryptocurrency training and also tokens for the cryptocurrency mining. However no mining is actually happening, the tokens are exchanged for a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

The program holds many additional twists, such the CoinSafe program. If you keep your coins for a certain amount of time, such as 6, 12 or 18 months, you will acquire ‘interest’ on your coins, similar to banks and other financial institutions. The coin also has frequent splits, in which the coin value, regulated by the company, is lowered and the investors get double the amount of coins.

The company also claims that that value of their coin is backed up with Arum Gold. This is their official statement:

Aurum Gold Coin® is a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrency. Each Coin is backed up by 10 mg of pure gold and 0.01 fractions of the cryptocurrency OneCoin. The gold is highly securely stored in a gold vault in Dubai. In your account you can see how much gold and OneCoins back up your AGC portfolio. This is the first ever cryptocurrency backed up simultaneously by both gold and another cryptocurrency. In other words, we have developed a cryptocurrency with double price security!!!

What a ridiculous idea, as the value of the cryptocurrency by its standards is set by the supply and demand of the coin. You can read more about this concept in my article: Is Dollar Collapse Imminent?

What is also strange is that after there started being too many scam reports and investigations of their program, they simply chanced the website name for the MLM program to OneLife, hereby separating the coin from the MLM program. It also helped to comply with the latest chances to the MLM law.

Score 4/10

OneLife LogoThe Compensation Plan: It is rather straight forward, you get 10% of the package price of your direct downline. If you have one of the higher packages, you can also earn up to 4 levels down fort he tycoon packages, the percentages being 10%-10%-20%-25%. They also have additional bonuses, such as the first 30 days after you joined, you can get 20% of their package prices instead of the usual 10%.

Like with most large MLM companies with One Coin you can earn ranks depending on how successful you are recruiting people into the business. These ranks ranging from Sapphire to Crown diamond grant you extra privileges, such as Apple electronics, a Rolex watches or diamond ring. In order  to make any of these ranks, you need to invest enough money to buy one of the tycoon packages.

One Coin also has a OneLife club, which allows you to earn things such as luxury vacations, watches and other unnamed rewards, based on the value of the purchases your downline makes. All in all their package sounds pretty great, right?

Score 8/10

One Coin Debit CardThe Payouts: One Coin does currently pay their members the bonuses they have earned by sponsoring others on weekly basis. Only 6% of the earnings is paid out, the rest 4% is being placed on an other account and you have to buy tokens with this money. This is suppose to lead to demand on the internal exchange, but despite the best efforts of One Coin, their internal exchange is pretty much dead and nobody is able to sell their coins.

There have also been times when the payouts were delayed by several weeks, according to their spokesperson this was due to them changing banks. In order to withdraw money, you need to supply a KYC and the approval process is really long in an attempt to delay the payouts as long as possible. The fees for the bank transfer are currently set at a semi reasonable 15€.

The company has introduced a UnionPay MasterCard, which you can purchase for 100€ and use to withdraw your earnings on. The card is only valid for the amount deposited on it, making it a debit card and it has widespread acceptance issues.

Score 4/10

Support SignThe Support: Like any affiliate program, One Coin also needs a support program. The support consists of email only and the response time depends on your inquiry. There are no phone numbers. All the Skype or WhatsApp groups are run by the leaders, not the company itself. If you want to join them and want to get some basic information, you will receive a friendly reply within few business hours.

If you are asking about the status of the KYC, missing payment, points and bonuses or complaining about not being able to sell your coins, the answer can take weeks, if ever. If you receive an answer it’s likely to be very generic, but hey, you should count yourself lucky, as more and more often these are left unanswered. The support personnel is definitely non-native English speaking.

Score 2/10

Once Coin On ForbesThe Marketing: If there is something One Coin is good at, it’s marketing. One Coin is one big marketing machine, which is partially reason for it’s huge success. There is huge amount of marketing materials available, from banners, to presentations and videos. They arrange huge luxury events in exotic locations, with local celebrities and politicians. The events hype on any of the latest chances and reward local leaders, the show is rather spectacular. Their figure head is Ruja Ignatova herself, she travels around the world, dressed like a pricess and has achieves a cult like following.

One Coin is also running their own charity called One World  Foundation. It claims to be active in 22 countries and have supported so far, at the time of writing this article 55 projects and helped 4448 children and youth. Their motto is:

Empower Children to Reach Their Potential through Education and Long-Term Support!

Funnily enough this foundation is actually working via the members, who donate their One Coins or of course cash for their cause! There is also very little evidence of all these project ever taking place. This was actually the first so called product of their so called ecosystem, which also by now includes investment funds, a casino, where you can play with your OneCoins, but not withdraw them and an auction MLM company that One Coin bought.

One Coin plans to add a partnership program of businesses which are willing to accept One Coin as a currency, but there is so far no release date beyond the 1M members within the next 18 months statement together with a Merchant App.

Score 6/10

GrapevineThe Grapevine: There are plenty of people still making money with One Coin and the Internet is split in their opinions. Some truly believe tha One Coin will make them rich one say. They save their coins as an investment and keep on recruiting new people to generate the huge market cap that is needed for good supply and demand in order for the One Coin to emerge as a new world standard as toted by One Coin.

Most people though have long time ago realized that One Coin is a clever ponzi scheme, where the only people who will ever make money with One Coin are the leaders and the owner. Social media is full of scam warnings and even several websites exist solely to warn people about joining to One Coin. Also since people cannot sell their coins, you see tycoon packages for re-sale by people desperate to recover at least some of their money for under a quarter of their new value.

Score 2/10

ScamMy Honest Thoughts: One Coin is one big scam. I personally think it was never intended to be more than a short term ponzi scheme. However after it gained popularity, there has been some attempt to legalize some of it’s aspects and add more depth to the program. This is not enough to convince me of their honorable intension though as in my opinion this is just done in order to keep the game rolling little bit longer, in order to make few more billions for the business owners.

I am not alone with my doubts, authorities in several countries are investigating this company and many more have issues warnings. This alone is enough for me to advice people to practice extreme caution when thinking about joining this scheme!

Score 2/20


Kisses Xena


Confused about how to actually make money online legally? Take a look at here for my recommendations: How To Earn Money Online Legally – Key To Success


How To Report An Online Scam

You have been cheated and scammed out your hard earned money! You are angry and want someone to pay. You browse around the Internet for ways to report the scam and warn the others, but don’t quite find a way to do so. Well, you have come to the right place! I am actually an expert in keeping the Internet safe for investors. This article will teach you how to report an online scam and will additionally give you tips and hints how not to get caught, as well as tell you where to find actual legit and paying programs to join.

I have created this practical guide to help you out with the process of reporting an online scam and will go through the steps one by one. It is important to follow the process to ensure a good outcome for your scam report, so please make sure not to miss anything in a hurry! Also please read my previous article about how to recognise an online scam.

Make Sure You Have In Fact Been Scammed

As the very first step, you should calm down! It is easy to jump  into conclusions when you are angry and upset! We want to be able to warn others as soon as possible, however in reality shutting down a fraudulent site is a lengthy process and will not happen over night. So take few deep breaths, drink some tea or coffee and go for a walk. Only return to your PC, once you no longer feel like strangling the person who stole your money!

Next step will be to go through the following check list, to make sure that you have in fact been scammed and you have not just made a mistake, or violated the program guidelines and gotten punished for it. Only after exhausting all the options I have listed, should you proceed to making a report for scam. Why is this step so important? A lot of the times real scammers don’t get punished, as people are making a lot of false reporting and it’s drowning the genuine reports or delaying the investigations so long, that they run away with a significant amount of money before they can be stopped in their tracks!

  1. Is the program still operating? Does the website still load? If the website has stopped operating, it’s a clear indication you have encountered a scam. Be however careful, as they might have been hacked or experience DNS issues, so make sure to check few hours later and the next day again. If it remains non-operational, you probably have indeed been scammed.
  2. Can you login to your account? There are several reason why you might not be able to get in and might have nothing to do with a scam. Please try the following:
    1. Reset your password
    2. Look for other problems with the site, they might be experiencing technical issues
    3. Contact the site support to ask for the reason of you being locked out
  3. Have they missed a due payment? There might be several reasons why the payment has been missed and it is mostly because you didn’t actually read the payout conditions properly. Please check the following, especially if this is your first payment from this particular program:
    1. Your account information is correct
    2. You have filled in the KYC correctly
    3. Have you filled in your taxation information
    4. Did you earn the minimum payout amount?
    5. Did you fulfill all conditions for the payout?
    6. Check the banking holidays, both in your country and the country the company operates in! This might cause delays.
    7. Contact the program asking for explanation for the missing payment.
  4. Did you read their terms and conditions? You might in fact fallen pray for a dishonest sponsor, who has made you false income claims for your investment. Please understand while this is very unethical, it is not the fault of the program and you should not blame them. Investigate what the program does pay, when and how. Have you full filled all the conditions? 80% of the time when people claim they didn’t get paid, is because they failed to read the policies of the company they joined. Most companies also state that they can change their conditions any time with notice and often due so!
  5. Are other people experiencing the same issue? If the website has been scamming others as well, you will rather easily find this out on the Internet. Look for scam reports, you should have done this anyway before joining any program. However be careful, as claiming some program is a scam, is a known trick to get you to sign up for theirs! Here is my guide into keeping safe from scams: How To Identify An Online Scam
  6. Did you contact them? I put this up here as a separate item as people often start yelling scam before even contacting the program in order to have some sort of conflict resolution. There might be many more reasons, that I haven’t listed, which have caused you being locked out of your account or not have gotten your due payments. Call and email the site and give them a reasonable time to respond to you!

How To Report a Scam?

Go To Jail

You have with the help of my list come to the conclusion that you have indeed been scammed! I feel for you, I have been there once or twice before I learned to investigate programs that I was joining properly before I got involved! Some of the most effective steps are going to be rather country specific and I cannot possible list them all in this article.

Therefore I am going to give you the following suggestion; let me do the reporting for you! I will double check things for you, before taking actions. I know my way around and have been able to stop many sites in their tracks before they even got started. You can read of one of my many success stories here: INV20 Business Limited – Why is Google Agreeing to Advertise a New HYIP scam?

If you rather swing it on our own, there are some methods, all having their pros and cons. I have listed them all here.

Exposing The Program As Scam On Social Media

As you will quickly learn if you take this route, exposing scam is rather ugly business! Many of the scammers are definitely not happy about you closing their source of income, so think twice before you start on the public route.

Social MediaYou can join some relevant groups on Facebook and Google+, spread the information with twitter, and forums you might even make a website dedicate to it, like I did! You will be able to warn some people with this methods, but will definitely not reach everyone, or will be able to shut down the site by this method alone! Why, you might ask. Well, you must understand that many people will simply not believe you. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Scammers pay for positive reviews, income statements and proofs and so called monitoring sites to list their program and legit and paying
  2. They might been suspecting all along that they were cheated too, but are afraid of stating so, as many of these websites have a ‘Not negative comments’ policy, meaning they can expel you or freeze over your accounts if you claim they cheated you. Therefore some people who are simply afraid of saying so.

They might also have learned it’s a scam, or even known so all along, but have simply kept it to themselves, as they wanted to recruit others, in order to cut their own losses! Extremely unethical, but unfortunately this happens all the time!

Contacting The Scam Site

Yes, you can do this and I myself use this method all the time, mostly though in attempt to recover someone’s money. You can threaten them with actions or exposure. Depending how well you are known in these circles, determines your success rate. You are not likely to gain anything by doing this as an individual, without having some influential back up at least.

They might also threaten you in return and even attempt to hack or at least to spam your site or profile. If you are running paid services, they might purchase bad reviews for them in revenge! I have personal experience with both.

Contacting Their Hosting Services

Hosting ServicesThis is a very easy fast way of putting someone out of business as most of the hosting farms have some policies and guidelines about what people run on their servers. You find out who hosts them, by using one of the many websites on the Internet dedicated for this service.

However there a several examples in which these scam sites were allowed to operate for years on the same services, as the hosting companies were either paid off or just didn’t care enough to investigate properly. One example of such a rather clever and long running scam is Forex Paradise, you can read my scam report here: Forex Paradise Scam – Long Running HYIP Offline

Reporting Them To Scam Exposing Sites

There are several hundred site, just like mine out there. It’s a fact, this is not an easy niche to start a website in. However be careful, most sites like mine actually take a percentage of your investment for the recovery of your money or a certain fee for doing an investigation and exposing a site. Some are also scam sites themselves, who’s sole purpose of existence is to get to you sign up to the scam they are either running themselves or at least in business of promoting! I for one don’t, as I only want to genuinely help out anyone, who has fallen a victim of a scam!

Rules and Regulations

Reporting Them To Authorities

This sounds much easier than it actually is! A lot of these sites are actually legally registered in places like Hong Kong, where the laws with financial fraud are rather relaxed! The might also have several different branches around the world. For instance a lot of these institutes like to setup a base in UK, with allows foreign firms easily to register a sister company with a mere virtual office!

That being said, there are couple of government websites, dedicated for reporting Internet fraud:

United Kingdom: ActionFraud is a site run by the police. It’s very annoying, as you have to choose the correct categories and some are simply missing. There is however a human chat available during business hours. They investigations take forever and their services are only open for people who live in UK

Mainland Europe: Report Cybercrime Online is run by Europol. They mostly concentrate in the crimes that happened within European union. Their website is rather good and includes a phone support, however their investigations also take a lot of time.

USA, Worldwide: Internet Crime Complaint Center run by the federal bureau of investigations (FBI) themselves. Works for everyone and good at actually catching the crimicals. They however really don’t care about the money you lost and are rather slow in their investigations.

USA: You may also contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which handles complaints about deceptive or unfair business practices. However navigating their site in order to find a right place to report a specific crime, is a nightmare!

Worldwide: Econsumer this is the best and fastest place to report any crimes anywhere in the world that I have found online. Bit of a navigation nightmare, but if you learn it’s tricks, you can get help fast!

My Advice

I often have to take several actions, before a site is closed down and sometimes this progress takes months to complete, requires time and dedication and in the end only pays me with the satisfaction that the criminals were either caught or put our of business.

Kisses Xena



How To Identify An Online Scam

So you see a great opportunity on your social media feed. It promises to make you incredibly rich within few days. You are excited, all your money troubles will be over soon, you can pay off your loans and treat your family to some nice things. Fantastic! You sign up and pay up, only to realize some weeks or months later that you were cheated out of your earnings! You are heartbroken, but fall for it again month later, thinking you can cover the losses you made with the previous scam. STOP THE VISCOUS CIRCLE AND LEARN HOW TO IDENTIFY AN ONLINE SCAM!

I bet you like me have been cheated countless times online! To help you out I have created a guide in understanding why we get cheated time after time and how to actually recognize an online scam, doesn’t matter how  well it’s put together! My mission is to keep you and your investments safe by offering you alternatives, which might not look so lucrative at first, since they actually require some hard work. However they are all safe, vetted and legitimate ways of making an income online. If you are interested to read more about how to succeed online, read my previously published article: How To Earn Money Online Legally – Key To Success

Scammers Hold All The Aces

All The Aces

It’s like gambling you might think! The odds are in your favour, I didn’t get lucky this time, better luck next time, right?

Wrong! It is like gambling, except that they hold all the aces! Since they are cheating, there is no way you can actually win!

But like with gambling you get addicted, blinded by the greed. You see the big money they are ready to hand to you and you want to grasp it badly!

You will end up loosing and loosing. Time after time, until you are broke and even then you are willing to lie, cheat and borrow to continue. Until you have exhausted every single way of funding your habit and have to admit your defeat.

How To Break The Vicious Cycle?

You need to learn to recognize an online scam from legitimate business opportunity! It’s actually quite easy and will get even easier with practice. Yes, there are some really clever scams out there, not so easily recognizable, but that’s what my blog is for, please return often to read about the new scam sites that I cover!

Learn To Recognize The Scams

There are several methods to learn to recognize an online scam. I will introduce you to them all.


  1. Use Common Sense – When you read about a new online program, use your gut feeling, it is often right! Does the program sound too good to be true? Does it promise to give you income with no work involved? Make you rich without recruiting anyone? Do they promise to automatically build a downline for you? Do they tempt you with pictures with piles of money? If so, it is a scam with 100% certainty! Affiliate programs like every other business will take time to build and eventually automate into a passive income.
  2. Do Little Digging – Do you know who owns the company? Where is it registered? Where is it hosted? If people are not willing to put their names on the websites and stand behind their company, it’s most like a scam!
  3. Read The News – Many MLM large scale programs are experiencing legal problems at the moment, due to chances in both US and European MLM  laws! If the program or it’s leaders are convicted, under investigation or it the company is closing offices in US and other countries around the world, you have every reasons to be cautious!
  4.  Look For Reviews – Look for online reviews and not only on Facebook and google reading the reviews that appear on page 1! I can guarantee you those articles are meant to fool you, because people put a lot of money into search engine optimization in order to appear withing first results and fool you into joining. Use Bing and Youtube besides Google!
  5. Look For Payment Proofs  – Does the program actually pay the affiliates like it promises? Many legal programs experience payment programs and it is disheartening to loose all your hard earnings due to the company having financial issues! You can search for images, be aware both payment systems the companies use and fake pictures with grammar and spelling mistakes! Legitimate companies use Paypal, GoCoin, Solid Trust Pay, Neteller and Credit cards. Most scammers only accept Bitpay, Perfect Money and Payeer and are not registered as companies but rather individuals!
  6. Talk To The Person Recruiting You – Try to figure out how long he has been part of the program he is recruiting you for! How much is he or she earning and how much time does he spend working on it weekly basis? Look any holes in his or her story using common sense like I describe in the first point! If he or she is too busy to talk to you at all, the program might not be legitimate! Notable exception to this are often female recruiters, who can legitimately be extremely busy with families and household to have a lot of time to discuss with them. However if you genuinely show interest in joining their program, they WILL make time for you and your questions. Females also tend to be more honest and have more difficult time working for scams!
  7. Evaluate The Information You Gathered – There are lot of people out there, scamming others to join their programs so they can make an income. They couldn’t care less if the program they are recruiting you into is legitimate or not. Take a paper and pen, draw down the pros and cons for the program you have investigated to make sure you have evaluated it properly. If you found no cons, be sure to dig harder! Even best programs fall short on some issues. You can see an example here of my favorite program  review. Even though the program is extremely good and I have no problems of recruiting anyone for it, it has few short comings, which I honestly state:  Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review – Read Before Joining!

 Proceed With Care

So you have done your reseach and come to the conclusion it’s legit and safe to make your investment. Now you can go full speed ahead to neat profit, right? WRONG! This is what you should do instead:

  1. StartThink About it – That’s right! Sleep on it and talk it through with a friend. Make sure you don’t make a decision to join any program lightly! Evaluate the information you have gathered, put down pros and cons.
  2. Test It Out – One you have made up your mind, go head and join, but be careful! Never invest everything right away! Make sure you start with small amounts and test the withdrawal of your earnings before you invest more.
  3. Recruit With Care – Make sure to provide integrity! Only provide accurate information for the people you want to join your adventure. Make them understand the pros and cons of your program. Building a good business relationship is a key to being successful building a good downline affiliate marketing!
  4. Create An Online Precense – In order to be successful today in affiliate programs, you need to create a great website to help you with recruiting. It really is a key to online marketing. Read my article here about how to get started with creating a website: How To Create a Website For Free – Practical Guide

Report Scams To Keep Others Safe

Online ScamsReporting online scams can be difficult and even dangerous at times. That’s why I am here! You can contact me any time about any online scam you discover! I will do a review to the best of my ability and report the scam in your behalf.

Please note that I used very throughout method, which requires me both to investigate the scam online and to join it in order to verify it’s legit or scam status. You can read more about my mission and the methods I use here: Scammers Be Aware!

Because of my lengthy investigation, it might take few weeks before my review will be published. I am also writing an other article this week, which other actions you can take, so stay tuned and be sure to return to read my online scams reporting article!

My Professional Advice

Are you feeling discouraged? You shouldn’t be, because there are several legitimate and very effective ways of making money online! I have listed some of them here in my article Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing, be sure to check them out! Good luck with your next online business adventure, keep my advice in mind and stay safe.

Kisses Xena


Is Dollar Collapse Imminent?

Bstrz afbanner eurooffer 728x90

As the cryptocurrencies increase in popularity and their demand grows, we start asking ourselves a question – is dollar collapse near? Will fiat currencies be replaced with cryptocurrencies within our lifetime? Should I start investing into a cryptocurrency? To find the answer, let’s examine some facts about the differences between traditional and alternative methods of payment.

No matter where in the world you live in, you need food, water, shelter and most of the cases money to pay for it. Nearly half of every transaction worldwide involves money in exchange for goods or services.

CoinsEverything that has these 4 characteristic:

  1. Easily recognizable
  2. Divisible – can be cut into smaller pieces
  3. Fungible – can substitute one piece for another of equal value
  4. Portable – carried around without trouble

can be used as a commodity money. In ancient Rome it was salt, the Aztecs used cocoa beans and shells were widely used in Africa and China. Grains, fish, leather, metals, ivory – if it had those four characteristics of commodity money, it could be used as currency.

Money arises naturally, as markets begin to develop. It has never originated from governments. Centuries ago, coins were an objective and universal unit of accounting and they allowed people to sell and buy over vast regions. The market economy was born and with it coins.

Power of Money

We spend most of our lives chasing after money, in order to make a living and accomplish our dreams. But it’s also an instrument of destruction. The existing banking system pocket enormous value from society and is hence parasitic in nature. Money is so ingrown to our society and global economy, but yet its true nature remains a mystery to most.

The problem with traditional money is that nobody really knows how many of them are in existence. Central banks and federal reserves can print as much money as they want. And when they do that, it makes our euros, dollars or yens worth much less, it’s called devaluation of money!

BankThe banks create extra money to boost the economy on the short term and then try to pull it back before the inflation heats up. But nobody knows how much money banks create to boost their profits from questionable loans. Is there an alternative to that? What if a technological innovation allowed anyone to become their own bank and create a currency free from taxes and banking fees?

There are some people who want change the financial world and get rid of your dollars, your euros, your yens and transform every penny you have into ones and zeros – digital currency, entrusted to the web which spread across the globe. The Internet money, called also cryptocurrency.

Our world today is definitely in great need of a decentralized payment system such as cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are a subset of digital currencies, which currently used outside existing banking and governmental institutions and are exchanged over the Internet.

Although these decentralized models of currency exchange are still in the early stages of development, they have already proven that they have the potential to challenge existing systems of currency and payments.

Threat Of Cryptocurrencies

Both central bank government representatives have recently stated that cryptocurrencies pose a significant threat to central banks’ ability to influence the price of credit for the world economy. The inherent anonymity of cryptocurrencies make it even more difficult for statistical agencies to gather data on economic activity, key information which is used by governments to control the economy.
Decentralized cryptocurrencies are produced cooperatively by the entire system, it’s rate is determined by supply and demand and is publicly known. Total amount of any given cryptocurrency cannot be changed, therefore it is impossible to create more coins and hence influence its value. Additionally all the transactions that occur through the use and exchange of these cryptocurrencies, also called altcoins are completely independent from formal banking systems.

Dodge coinIn centralized banking and economic systems, governments or corporate boards have  the total supply of currency under their control and can print additional units of traditional money or demand additions to digital banking ledgers. It means that a single decision made by government or financial board has a great impact on everyone’s finances.

As people slowly realize the advantages of cryptocurrency, the trade in altcoins is becoming more popular. People start to value decentralization, the low entry barriers and the transparency will be just some of the reasons to draw people towards alternative methods of payment. This is bound to create a loss of consumer’s interest and confidence in fiat currencies.


Bitcoin is the complete opposite. It’s totally transparent and you know exactly how many exists and all the transactions are publicly visible. The computer code behind Bitcoin has a built-in brake pedal, cutting the creation of Bitcoins in half every four years as it matures. This ensures the transparency and ultimately limits the number of Bitcoins to 21 million.

Altcurrencies have all their own characteristics, but all share some common factors, one of the being that the final amount of the currency is programmed in at the moment of it’s creation. No lobbyist, no politician, no banker can create more or change the mathematical rules dictating their creation.

Cryptocurrencies are anonymous


Cryptocurrencies are said to be anonymous. It means that this model of exchange is complex and in some cases impossible to track. Cryptocurrencies can be used as money and can be used to purchase goods and services, pay for individual living expenses, and exchanged for conventional currencies without leaving a trace on your account. In summary, your preferences and habits stay secret and cannot be used by international corporations as a source of your personal information.


Value calculation

Every currency gains its value as the number of its users is increasing. The popularity of a certain currency is connected with that currency’s success, this is true for US dollar as well.

Money Tree
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It’s kept stable by many different types of means, such as fiscal policies and centralized decisions about interest rates. Stability of traditional money can only be achieved through some forms of centralization, in the case of US dollar by the federal reserve system.

Value of cryptocurrencies is determined by supply and demand. When demand for certain digital currencies increases, the price also increases and when its demand falls, the price falls as well. There is only a limited number of given cryptocurrency’s coins in circulation and new ones are created at a predictable and decreasing rate, which means that demand must follow this level of inflation to keep the price stable.

Printing MoneyWhen comparing cryptocurrencies to fiat money, the most significant difference is, how nobody can influence on the production of money. The interest rates and fees you may have to pay on your bank account or credit card, do not affect your cryptocurrency. As a matter of fact, digital currencies are, in some ways, a rebellion against banking fees. Digital currencies give you a sense of freedom and liberty, which cannot be achieved with traditional money.

So will dollar collapse? Will the cryptocurrency replace fiat currency? It surely will take a big part of financial market an will be used as commonly as traditional money. The widespread use of cryptocurrency is a matter of next few years as it offers people advantages, fiat currencies will never be able to.

Is Cryptocurrency Ready For Takeover?

Cryptocurrency, a programmable money, is the potential curse on bankers and government economical policies. There’s nothing big banks or politicians can do to stop its victory march. Cryptocurrencies are raking every government’s grip on money supply. What the Internet did for information, cryptocurrency is doing for the money.

Take OverThis takeover is going to change the economic culture. Businesses have jumped to the new profitable markets both feet, ignoring the potential risks, as more and more experts said that in fact, the risks are non-existing! The ultimate power of cryptocurrency is unleashed by mainstream adoption and ever-growing value of transactions.

Troubling market data from minor countries spooked the markets all over the world and several countries fiat currencies collapsed. Rumors spread really fast in the financial world and cause even more chaos. These bad news rattled the housing prices at the heart of financial world.

Several major banks became insolvent and some were jailed for fraud. Investors and businesses made a run to other banks, demanding cash deposits. The largest financial institutions in the center of the modern world were frozen, assets were ceased, banks were closed, and credit crunch threatened the world’s economy. In the end the government stepped in to stop the collapse of the mighty US dollar.The largest bank bail-out ever.

Fiat Currencies Death Is Nearing

The same way the current political insecurity in US, following the Presidential election results, is fluctuating the dollar rate and shaking the worlds economy. Can the dollar be saved for the second time, or is the era of the mightiest currency in todays economy nearing its end?

R.I.P.The history of money is as old as the civilization itself. Currency is a language that allows us to express transactional value between people trading for items or services. It’s the technology is older than wheel and fire. People invent currencies, when they have no other currencies. And now they invent digital currency, it is here to stay.

Banking system has ruled the world for years and made the decisions on how we transfer money. The time for revolution is here! New and advanced technologies have been invented and are about to change the world as we know it.